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When a child like Camila has lost everything fleeing danger in Venezuela, they need immediate help.

Will you be there for her? 


 could pay for Camila’s food for a week. 


could pay for Camila’s food for a month. 


could pay for enough food for two children like Camila for a month. 

Your urgent support will change a child’s life

time and time again

Getting emergency help to a child in Camila’s situation is the most urgent priority.  

Your generosity will allow her to have the things you, as a parent, know your child needs every day: food, water and warm clothes.  

And sadly, there are many children like Camila who need urgent, life-saving care, which is why we need your support every month. 

Many of these children have no parents. If that was your child, wouldn’t you want them to get help urgently? 

Youkindness will help child after child find a safe place to be. You’ll be creating a fairer, more compassionate world for your children to grow up in. 

You’ll have the chance to see your kindness changing lives each and every month. If you want regular updates on the life-changing support you are helping to create for children who have lost everything, we will send you stories and photos every month, so you know your generosity is making the world of difference. 


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