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Our work would not be possible without the commitment of our amazing supporters – every penny that you donate counts. When you set up a sponsorship with SOS Children’s Villages UK you are helping to transform the lives of the children we work with.

Here at SOS Children’s Villages UK we believe that no child should grow up alone. Your sponsorship allows us to provide children with a chance to grow up in a loving family environment and village community. Access to quality healthcare and education are important elements of our work that your sponsorship could support. We offer two routes for sponsorship, child sponsorship and village sponsorship.

Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child feels more special than other charitable donations. It’s so much more than donating money each month. It’s like having a new family member.
Jean Dickson Supporter since 2011

Sponsoring a child is a great way to support our work at SOS Children’s Villages UK with a personal twist. When children find themselves without parental support, they become vulnerable. They are often without a home, without food and at risk of exploitation. We believe that all children deserve to grow up in a supportive environment – this allows them to not just survive, but to thrive. By sponsoring a child you are helping us to provide a loving family, a secure home, quality education and the foundations for a happy adult life.

Stability and long-lasting connections are key to ensuring that children have the chance to fully benefit from the support of SOS Children’s Villages, that’s why ongoing sponsorship is so crucial to our work.

As a sponsor you will receive regular updates and photographs so that you can watch the child you sponsor grow up. With an SOS child sponsorship you can be certain that you are helping to change a life forever.

Sponsor a village

Sponsoring a village community is incredibly rewarding because you help to provide a valuable education, friends, family and most importantly the chance for them to have the happy childhood that each of us should be entitled to.
Will Ash Supporter since 2012

When you sponsor a village, you are helping to support the wider community. A village sponsorship pays for carers and teachers, school books, uniforms and food as well as healthcare, clean water and building maintenance. It also funds important community projects such as our family strengthening programmes, trauma counselling and psychological support for children who have been through difficult life experiences.

Regular updates and photographs mean that you can see how your village community develops. You can also write to the children in the village community if you wish.

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