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Your donation today at iCXA’22 means that, together, we can help young people in The Gambia achieve their full potential.

The International Customer Experience Awards 2022 is supporting SOS Children’s Villages Youth Training and Employment Programme in The Gambia. This five-year initiative will provide 1,000 local young people with the vocational and technical skills they need to build sustainable livelihoods.    

The Gambia is among the poorest countries in the world and around 50% of the population live in poverty. Youth unemployment is one of the most significant challenges in the country. According to the Human Development Index, 34% of 15-24-year-olds are not in school or employment.    

Young people must have market-relevant skills if they are to secure gainful employment. SOS UK has co-created a programme with SOS Gambia that will increase employment amongst vulnerable young people in the Upper River Region (URR), one of the poorest regions in the country.    

A donation today could

  • £220 could pay for vocational training for a young person for a year to receive social work skills. (YTEP is the first centre in the URR responding to the need for social work / there is lack of accessibility in communities to access social workers, therefore this also benefits communities beyond the centre) 
  • £650 could holistically support one young person studying (training, mentoring, sexual health education and entrepreneurship skills) during one year at YEP 
  • £1500 could pay for 10 sewing machines, so ten young people can learn stitching trade and make a sustainable living.

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